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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Graduation/Elopement Cupcakes

When I received the request for these cupcakes (and the theme) I was excited, but also thought, "Hmm...now how am I going to say all that in cupcake form?!" A sister wanted cupcakes to 1) celebrate her sister's graduation from ECU 2) announce elopement with her boyfriend and 3) give a nod to the fact that they'd be soon moving overseas (whew!) That's a lot to say with cupcakes! I stuck with the pirate theme (since she graduated an ECU Pirate) and went from there! The cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese frosting, lemon with light lemon cream cheese frosting and vanilla buttermilk with chocolate frosting.


  1. Is the black circle and decoration on top made of fondant that sits ontop of the icing?

    1. Hi, Beth! Yes, all the toppers are made of a fondant/gum paste combination :)