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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Holly and the Ivy

I relate a lot of things to music and even though there is no ivy on this cake, this song was going through my head while I was working on it, hence the post title! :) There has been sickness in my house for the past several days - YUCK! I've been itching to try some ideas for Christmas cakes, but didn't want to share germ-infested baked goods, so decided to decorate a styrofoam dummy cake (no calories whatsoever!) This was an 8" round layer cake covered with dark green fondant which I edged at the bottom with yellow fondant scrolls painted with gold luster dust. I then added yellow fondant drapes to the sides and painted those with gold luster dust as well. I cut out some red Christmas tree decorations and accented them with a little gold and some green holly leaves and red holly berries. All in all, I was pretty happy with how this turned out even though it looks almost nothing like my initial design! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes

This was the first of a few Christmas-themed cupcakes I want to try out! Chocolate truffle cupcakes with peppermint buttercream icing topped by a peppermint candy! If you've ever tried the candy cane hershey kisses (which I am totally addicted to), the icing tastes JUST like them - oh, so yummy!! Don't even ask how much butter goes into both the cupcakes and the icing - trust me you really don't want to know - ignorance is bliss! :)

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

These were the same pumpkin spice cupcakes I've done before, just decorated a little differently! Pumpkin spice cupcakes topped with a swirl of cinnamon cream cheese icing and gum paste leaves in fall colors. Loved how all the colors looked together! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Twilight Birthday!

I am a book nerd - I admit it and am quite proud of it, in fact. I have the good fortune to have quite a few good friends who are just as nerdy as I am, and we have gone to midnight book releases and movies together - basking in the geekiness of it all :) Two of my friends are celebrating their Birthday this week and being HUGE fans of the Twilight series I couldn't think of a better cake than this to celebrate! The cake is my lemon pound cake with vanilla buttercream filling, topped with black fondant. All the pieces on top and the scrolls on the bottom are fondant as well - all hand formed. I used a mixture of silver luster dust and lemon flavoring to paint the scrolls and the script on the side of the cake - you'll notice a specially requested phrase "Edward prefers brunettes" - that was one of the Birthday girls' ideas lol! Had so much fun with this cake!