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Monday, March 10, 2014

Well hi, there! Long time no post?!

Well...I have not been held captive, not kidnapped by aliens and not taken some time to "find myself"! I have to admit that I did *slightly* forget about my blog for a time...shameful, I know! I AM trying to not over-schedule myself with cake projects though - I'm trying, really I am! So even though I am posting now, just know that my posts will probably not be as frequent as they had been in the past! So, on to cakes!

For now, I'm just going with one of my favorite cakes from 2013 - my entry for the North Carolina State Fair Decorated Cakes competition - my entry was for the "Decorated for Wedding" category. I have always enjoyed looking at all the entries - even before I started "playing" with cakes! It's just so much fun to see what everyone brings. I tried to go with a slightly "North Carolina" themed cake using our state flower, the dogwood, as the main feature of my cake. These were my first attempt at making dogwood blossoms out of gum paste and I really enjoyed using petal dust to make them come to life! I also had a lot of fun working on the ruffled layers - it was a time consuming technique, but a fun one as well! I was so very excited to find a blue ribbon on my cake when we visited the Fair and as usual - I'm already enjoying thinking about what I'd like to attempt next time! :)