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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Big Time Rush Birthday

Okay, first off - I have to make a confession. I had never heard of Big Time Rush before receiving the request to make this cake. There. I said it. Please don't yell at me. My kids are just not at that stage yet (thank goodness!) We're still into a combination of Bakugan, Littlest Pet Shop, Legos and Barbie so yeah, not there just yet. So I have now been schooled in the ways of Kendall, James, Carlos and uh...what was the other one's name? :) Anyway, the cake was my chocolate truffle cake (yum!) with vanilla buttercream filling and icing. All the lettering, cutouts and detailing you see were fondant - all the lettering cut with the aid of my cricut. This was a fun cake to do and since I'm sure the Birthday girl knows much more about Big Time Rush than I do - I know she'll appreciate it! :)

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