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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 NC State Fair Entry - Brown Hydrangea Wedding Cake

So, I had the most difficult time deciding what I wanted to attempt for this year's State Fair entry!! I had so many ideas rumbling around in my head! When I finally decided to attempt hydrangeas using Petalsweet's wonderful three-part tutorial (and they thankfully turned out decently enough!) my mind was made up. I covered my styrofoam layers with dark brown chocolate fondant (which was a workout!!), then placed two hydrangea bunches on alternating sides of my cake and edged each tier with a brown ribbon. It might've been simple, but I was so pleased with how it came out and very happy to have learned something new along the way! :) I was also beyond thrilled to learn I had won a 3rd place ribbon for my simple little cake!

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