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Monday, May 7, 2012

Samoa Cupcakes

I have to say first off - these cupcakes were such a pleasant surprise for me! I am as BIG a non-coconut fan as is possible. I don't mind the flavor, I just despise the texture of coconut more than anything - just ick for me! But I found I really enjoy toasted coconut as was featured on these cupcakes and the coconut infused chocolate cupcake as well - all super tasty together! So yes, I'm growing up a little - trying new things such as these Samoa cupcakes: coconut-infused chocolate cupcakes with an old-fashioned cooked caramel frosting, melted chocolate drizzle and sprinkling of toasted coconut! Two thumbs-up from this baker! I've included a link to the recipe below so you can try this amazing Girl Scout cookie inspired cupcake for yourself :)

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